Clinical Services

The Department of Autism Services offers both individualized sessions and a school program. The school program looks to further the academic prowess of the students while also developing skills that they may find useful and engaging such as sports, music, art and computers. Individualized programs are one to one and can focus on behavior management of the child or development of skills. These programs also focus on ADL i.e. activities of daily living.

In addition to their student services, the Department of Autism Services also looks to assist the parents of the child; offering extensive parent training programs that can be taken one to one or in a group setting. This is not limited by distance as the department has often trained and assisted parents from different provinces of Pakistan. The program recognizes the stresses one goes through while parenting a child with Autism and thus offers active counseling services.

The Department of Autism Services also takes pride in its awareness programs, battling the stereotypes about the condition and bringing in a better understanding of what it means to be an individual with Autism. This is also accomplished by community outreach programs that look to guide and assist other Autism programs in the NGO and private sector.

Autism Unit Chart