Denise M. Hashim, M.O.T., O.T.R.

Assistant Professor
HOD Center for Child Development: Learning Disorders Services Sindh Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Karachi Pakistan


It has always been my desire to serve the pediatric population of Pakistan since I moved here 37 years ago. My particular interest has been in the area of sensory integration therapy for special needs children. I was able to realize this dream when I was asked to develop the Center for Child Development. I immediately began work on developing a sensory integration clinic as an outpatient facility. The center has been effective in terms of the success rate with a wide variety of children. In addition, parents have been educated on how to provide a sensory diet so that they can continue to help their children at home, in school, and in the community. I am pleased to say that we are in the forefront in providing quality therapies and we are the model of practice for Sensory Integration. As we enjoy a high rate of efficacy, our staff number has increased along with our client population. I am happy to spread knowledge, and wish to continue to expand this clinic, and make it even greater.