Mr. Kamran Yousuf Siddiqui

Head of Department
Sindh Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Welcome you to the Prosthetics and Orthotics Department at SIPMR. This department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and training to prepare you for a rewarding career in this field.

Our department offers a challenging curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills and hands-on experience with international accrediting in the process by the International Society of Prosthetics & Orthotics (ISPO). Our equipped labs provide you with the necessary tools and resources to gain practical experience, ensuring that you are prepared to meet the demands of the profession.  We are proud of our strong partnerships that enable you to gain exposure to real-world scenarios and network with professionals in the field. We also offer opportunities for research and innovation, encouraging you to explore new ideas and contribute to the advancement of the field. Our dedicated faculty and staff are passionate about mentoring and guiding you throughout your academic journey, providing personalized attention and support. We strive to ensure that you develop a thorough understanding of the field and its various applications, equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of prosthetics and orthotics.

I am confident that our Prosthetics and Orthotics Department will provide you with a challenging and rewarding academic experience, preparing you for a fulfilling career in this growing field. I look forward to welcoming you to our department and helping you achieve your academic and professional goals.