The Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics are committed to providing an undergraduate education program that produces qualified professionals competent to deliver Prosthetics & Orthotics services to people with disabilities. Our graduates will improve lives of patients through caring attitudes and respect for dignity of all clients. The department provides education with basic research skills.

 Program Objectives:

  1. To produce a professional that possesses comprehensive knowledge in the P&O field.
  2. To focus on patient assessment, their need of appliance and future expectations.
  3. To produce graduates who are responsible, innovative, and active in improving the quality of services to patients/clients within their respective professional care. Graduates who can multi-tasks with good time management.
  4. To develop the diagnostic skills through patient care experiences in preparation for independent analysis and problem solving required in clinical practice.
  5. To enable students to identify, interpret and use oral, written and nonverbal communication skills to deal with patients by showing them respect and work with loyalty.
  6. To acquaint the students with basic understanding of research and literature review.