Quality Assurance (QA) is a procedure by which the effectiveness of the targeted program is assessed. For instance, it helps to analyze if the program of BS in DPT PHYSIOTHERAPY is effective enough to produce a graduate with sound educational and clinical knowledge or if it needs changes. And; therefore, it is considered as one of the prime responsibilities of the Quality Enhancement Cell to use, implement, apply, and utilize all necessary measures for the desirable results.

Thus, the Quality Enhancement Cell is responsible to make sure that all the requirements related to teaching, assessing, researching, and practicing must be implemented appropriately. For this purpose, QEC conducts surveys related Evaluation of Courses and Teachers, Faculty Job Satisfaction, and Alumni Feedback. After this, the QEC members prepare a report on finding with desired suggestions and submit it to the concerned departments.

Self-Assessment report; prepared after a regular interval of 3 years, is also part of assuring quality at an educational institute as it evaluates the overall performance of a degree program. For this purpose, a program team (PT) and assessment team (AT) is made and then QEC members train them to perform their jobs effectively. QEC also organizes various workshops related to these topics for the program team members: How to Prepare a Self-Assessment Report, How to Analyze Data.

All in all, QEC is responsible for making things effective for an institute by following the process of quality assurance measures.