Assistant Professor 

Head of the Department Neuropsychology

Sindh Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


The field of neuropsychology is a broad branch of psychology that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral problems of people who have suffered illness or injury (particularly to the brain) which has caused neurocognitive problems in general. The aim of the neuropsychology department is to provide professional service at minimum charges, especially for those who have lower socioeconomic status. Considering the global scenario, people are facing different challenges in the sphere of mental health, and with the increased awareness regarding mental health problems people are concerned about the quality of treatment. The Neuropsychology department, since its establishment, has been working in different domains such as clinical, training, and research and always tries to meet International Standards.


Technically, Neuropsychology is a specialty within Psychology that deals with brain injury, and more complex and higher cognitive processes such as memory, executive functions, and learning.  However, I feel that my brand of Neuropsychology is a combination of clinical and school psychology with neuro-executive assessment tailored to each patient.  I always say that my job is to find the missing piece and provide answers not only to the patient but the other treating medical professionals.


The neuropsychology department has a competent faculty and supporting staff equipped with knowledge and professional skills. They have expertise along with passion and enthusiasm to work for human beings to bring positive change in society. For psychological assessment and psychotherapies anybody and everybody is welcome to visit the neuropsychology department.