Assistant Professor
Special Education & Vocational Training/Autism


We were established in 2013 as the first-ever unit for children with Autism in a teaching hospital in Pakistan. And since then we have greatly expanded our facility but our goal remains the same – to provide all the different facets of rehabilitation of Autism children under one roof.

To that end, we have learnings in TEACCH and ABA, which are updated to uniquely suit the children of Pakistan. Each child is assessed separately and a program is formed that is suited to him or her, be it group sessions or one-to-one sessions. We not only endeavor to change the life of the child for the better but also the family’s thus we provide parent training and counseling.

In addition, we regularly conduct awareness programs to enlighten the public about the condition that is Autism and thus create more understanding, for the most important step in rehabilitation is early intervention. To that end, we will soon be setting up the first-ever degree in Pakistan with a specialization in Autism.

Welcome to the Autism Unit at the Sindh Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.